Heinrich Walther is an accomplished performer of the
keyboard literature of the past 500 years.  He
performs some 17th century repertoire on his Flemish
virginal and on different clavichords.

Heinrich performs most of J.S. Bach's organ and
keyboard works, including the WTC I and II, the
Partitas, and Die Kunst der Fuge.  He also regularly
plays the organ works of Mozart, Mendelssohn, Liszt,
Reubke, Brahms, Reger, and Cesar Franck.  Heinrich
plays works by the 20th century composers Messiaen,
Robert de la Riba, Dieter Mack, and Xavier Darasse.

Heinrich has done extensive research into the
potential and limitations of transcription.
Transcription has contributed much interesting music
to the repertoire of the past 500 years.
Significantly, some of the origins of keyboard music
can be traced to transcription.

Heinrich transcribed and successfully performed
Franck's d minor symphony, Mendelssohn's Reformation
symphony (publ. at Butz Verlag Bu 1941) , Franck's symphonic poem "Psyché" and his d minor symphony (Leduc), and many
other orchestra works by Mendelssohn, Schubert and