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Transcriptions and Publications

W.A.Mozart Maurerische Trauermusik; Symphony 39 Es Dur, 1. Satz;
F.Mendelssohn Bartholdy Die Hebriden/Fingalscave (Ouverture)

(CD: Organum classics Ogm 250061,
score: Butz Verlag 2005, #Bu 1941)

Canzonetta from the Quartett op. 12 for strings
Franz Schubert Symphony in b minor (the „unfinished“)
Ferenc Liszt Orpheus, Symphonic Poem
César Franck Psyché et Eros, Symphonic Poem
(Publisher J.Butz Verlag, 2005)
César Franck Symphony d minor (Leduc, Paris 1992
CD at organum classics, 2005)
Max Reger Sinfonischer Prolog (1908) (Transcr.2008)

Here are a few pages of the manuscript:
Jose Maria Usandizaga
1887 -1916
Jose Maria Usandizaga
1887 -1916
"Dans la Mer" (1904)
Poeme Symphonique

"Irurak Bat" (1908)
Rhapsodia sobre tres
cantos vascongados

Ouverture Symphonique
sur un thème de Pleint Chant (1906)

Suite A Dur op 14
-Prélude, Menuet, Sarabande, Final

The great classical symphonic works survive passing
musical trends. The transcribed works mentioned above
are all examples of these enduring classics. I
transcribed Franck’s d minor symphony in the mid eighties,
and revised it several times over the course
of 20 years of performance experience. This
transcription for organ represents now the state of
the art of this genre.

The Canzonetta in g minor from Mendelssohn’s String
Quartet op 12 was transcribed and recorded in summer 2004, as well as the Reformation Symphony (CD Organum classics Ogm 250061).
Mendelssohn’s elegant writing for string quartet and
the beauty of the 1812 Buchholz organ in Barth (near
Rostock, Germany) inspired this organ version.

In this movement with it’s two beautiful themes Mendelssohn’s treatment of the string instruments -within the constraints of a quartet- is absolutely perfect.
At the organ, we can arrive at an adequate solution using the techniques touch,
registration, timing, and articulation.

Traditional understanding of the organ and use of
modern technique in transcription and performance are
not a contradiction but rather part of my philosophy.